• Costume contest
  • Best Dressed Contest
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Pirate Relay Races
  • Scullywag’s Dance Off (Show off your best dance moves)
  • Solve the Murder!

What's your special Occasion?


Win Prizes! 

Click Below to Watch Clips from Royal Masquerade Ball: Search for the Belle

Murder Mystery Costume Party

​​Whether it's your Birthday, Bachelorette Party, Company Outing or Just a Bunch of Friends out for a good time, The Murder Mystery Mafia will make your event a night to remember!  For groups pricing, contact us about group rates and discounts at 630-410-1010.

Have your very own "PRIVATE" Ball where YOU are the Prince or Princess!

Have Your Own Royal Ball!  Become part of the Royal Family as you throw the party of the century where we seat you center stage at the Royal Table as host of the Royal Masquerade Ball.  The Royal MC and the cast Royal Court will defer to you in all things throughout the night and your guests will toast the night in your honor!  (See video)

Call 630-410-1010 for details and pricing.

The Royal  Toasting Ceremony is where all of the Lords and Ladies of the land shall be announced and toasted for their celebrations!   This can be birthdays, anniversary's, or any other occasion. 

If you have something special to be announced, speak with Lord Cedric who will attending the front doors of the hall just before the Ball starts.

Have Your Own Party at the Ball!

Halloween Show

Tickets Are Now On Sale! Click for Details!

A Pirate Murder Mystery at the Governor's Halloween Masquerade Ball!

Captain Jack and his swarthy band of pirates had been invited to a parlay and peace negotiation at the Governor’s Halloween Masquerade Ball.  All seemed to be going well until Captain Jack fell over dead and ready for Davy Jones’ Locker.   It was MURDER but who could have done it? 

Come DRESSED in your finest dresses, masks and suits or as one of the pirate crew and help solve the mystery and win prizes, fame and glory!  (Costumes and Dressing up optional.)  You are actually attending a ball filled with entertainment such as singers, comedians, party games, contests, and open dancing.  Bringing a date is not required!

Ways to Win Prizes:  Costume contest, Best Dressed Contest, Scavenger Hunt, Pirate Relay Races, Scullywag’s Dance Off (Show off your best dance moves), Solve the Murder!

Dress Code: Win the Best Dressed Contest by coming in your absolute best! Tuxedo, Ball Gowns, Formal Uniform, Victorian, etc. Appropriate attire requested but not required.  Or come dressed as a swarthy pirate and go on a pirate raid with your salty brethren!

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